ExxEditor en cours d'utilisation

ExxEditor is a XML editor based on XML Schema.

How it works

ExxEditor generate a human comprehensible user interface for editing XML file, by using a XML Schema file.


ExxEditor is developed by the INRIA Digiplant team. The Digiplant team works on a functional structural plant growth model. This model has complicated input parameters. To store these parameters we use XML. But the XMl file format is hard to read or modify for a normal human being. So we have developed the exxEditor that gives us a beautiful and human usable interface to modify our input parameters.

Objectives and Limitations

Test it now

First you have to download and install ExxEditor.

Then you have to use an XML Schame file. You can use one of these example files: example1, or example2. To learn everything about exxEditor see the documentation.


ExxEditor is a free software, its license is CECILL-C (LGPL like). The source code is downloadable at this address: gforge.inria

You can find the license here: CECILL-C.

ExxEditor — License : AGPL v3 or more, created from